January 31, 2015

See,my 3rd eBook,The Death of False Religion.(1)

It quotes The Biblical answer:yes. The Bible is always right. GOD,JEHOVAH inspired the 40 Writers who wrote it. HE is The Father of Right.

Do you believe this?

Do you believe,that,we are living in the Last Days?

Are there Signs of America’s impending death?

Are you preparing to survive The Death of False Religion,and,Armageddon?

Or,are you going to die,like all the Members of our Family,except,for the 8 Members of Brother Noah’s Family. During The First End of Times.

Family. This is,maybe,the only Poll/Questionnaire of this type. It’ s important for you and your Family,to take the time to answer these vital questions:for yourselves! Our lives depend upon how we answer. All of us have the same choice:

I have made mine..It all depends on what Holy Scripture,means by “soon”…
Please,check my newest,though,”uneditable” website,Freedom. It explores this universal subject at GOD gave us,our very own Free Will to choose;and a Conscience to guide us.

Sadly,your response to this will be,predictably ” Noahadic”. No such word! Now,there is. It means,something like occurring during Noah’s time/era.

Love you like Jesus told us to,Neighbors.
1. Available at Amazon Kindle Store. Please,Google it.
Copyright 2015 HB Enterprises Publishing.

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